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Bonded Trucking Services
We also provide bonded trucking services between Penang to Thailand and vice versa. The services guarantee time sensitive over- night deliveries that meet the requirements of Multinational Manufacturing Corporations for timely deliveries of raw materials and components and shipments of finished products.

Supporting facilities and services include:
  • Consolidation Hubs in Penang and Thailand.
  • Border customs clearance & documentation formalities.
  • A fleet of commercial bonded trucks of various specifications and capacities.
  • Specialized trucks with air-ride suspensions catering for highly sensitive machineries.
  • Open top and side loading trucks catering for odd-sized & over-sized cargo.
  • A high standard of mandatory preventive fleet maintenance.
  • All trucks are equipped with cellular telecommunication facilities.
  • Trucks operate along approved routes and halts.

Container Haulage Services
Hexlink Logistics Sdn Bhd Group provides efficient container haulage services to local & international corporations.

  • Container Haulage Services.
  • State of the Art computerized system for intelligent vehicle scheduling and optimizing tracking operations.
  • Online linkage with Penang Port.

Acceptance of request
Office: 8.30am till 6.30pm after 6.30pm till 11.30pm, request can be submitted

  • Hard copy at the main office
  • Fax request to the main office
  • Submit via web site

Trucking Services
In line with our mission statement of delivering competitive advantage, Hexlink Logistics Sdn Bhd is committed in delivering quality, reliability and efficient service all in the word of integrity. Without a doubt, there is no exceptional to our trucking service as it stands as the fundamental of logistics.

With track record since 1997, Hexlink Logistics Sdn Bhd comes a long way in ensuring ‘connectivity’ nationwide. Apart from the strong fleet of trucks, Hexlink Logistics Sdn bhd strength relies on our very own dedicated, experienced staff, which understands the needs of each customer.

Trucking service to / from major gateways
It 'connects' the major gateways such as KLIA, Port Klang, Port Tanjung Pelepas, and Penang International Airport to customers in Malaysia, vice versa.

Domestics trucking service
It serves door to door services all around Malaysia.

Trucking service of dangerous goods cargo

  • This service is offered depending on the DGR (Dangerous Goods Cargo) classification.
  • Trucking service of high end products, electronic parts, machines and plane engines and etc.
  • This service is commonly use by our customers presently.
  • Serves the purpose of for tight security in handling specific cargo/goods.

With these various services, Hexlink Logistics Sdn Bhd intends to give satisfaction to our customer as we are prepared to serve with the highest commitments and quality.